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Price List

Price List

One time sign on fee $150.

This is a one time set up fee that covers the cost of patient subscription set up. During this time we will have a lengthy one-on-one visit to determine if DPC is for you, getting to know each other, explanation of benefits, and contract explanation.


One time registration fee


ages 65+


Ages 19-64


Ages 5-18

$250 for nonmembers

Non-members one time visits.

$0 for telehealth

Telehealth visit for members

$50 for telehealth

Non-member telehealth

15% off additional family members

Home visits available

price pending location




I have insurance. Will you use it?

While we do not take insurance we are a still great fit for you & can still provide you cost saving opportunities. Unfortunately the insurance model at this time does not allow us to offer the care you deserve. It does not give us the space/time to have unhurried visits & same/next day access. To add insurance the cost of running a great patient-Physician friendly healthcare would be limited & overhead costs would be too high. Since Dr. Jasarevic believes in being there for her patients and giving them direct access she has opted out of this care model.

Are you affordable?

We offer a flat monthly membership with no insurance billing. The flat fee is meant to be affordable but also sustain the practice model.

Our membership fee is based on age and may be subject to change due to economic changes.

Is DPC concierge medicine?

Simply put, no. Concierge medicine typically bills insurance and adds on a hefty fee to access your Doctor. This is not accessible for most of us. DPC is for everyone as we believe everyone deserves good care without breaking the bank. You, too, can have a Physician friend & advocate for a price of a cell phone bill or less.

Are you a health insurance?

DPC is not a health insurance. But, if you have no insurance then we are perfect for you. We can even work to help you obtain catastrophic health insurance.

I hear you do home visits?

yes we do. This is on a patient to patient basis and does come with an additional fee.

Do you do labs/imaging?

We can provide access to labs and imaging for discounted and transparent prices as we work with other vendors to help us lower their costs for our patients.

Extra fees:

-one time membership fee as Dr. Jasarevic puts considerable time prepping for your initial visit & to cover cost of contract fees.

-Discounted lab.

-Discounted in office procedures.

-Ancillary services.

Cancellation policy:

-30 day notice.