Welcome to Crescent Direct Primary Care

February 21, 2019

Welcome to the Crescent Family.

We are an innovative healthcare provider focused on putting patients at the center of care.

Experience a new level of care where your needs are prioritized and your voice is heard.

Our mission is to advocate for your well-being by delivering high-quality and affordable care.

Hello! My name is Dr. Jasarevic and I started Crescent Direct Primary Care after I realized that corporate medicine was not my niche. I decided to be a Physician because I truly believe in spending time with patients, building a trusting relationship and a community. I am the type of Doctor that wants to meet her patients in the park on my days off and walk/jog/run together, get healthy together, and learn together. Caring for one another is part of healing and the ten minute visits constrained on the Physicians is not ideal.

There is a lack of education in healthcare and sometimes overload of information on the internet. There are harmful supplements, there are drug advertisements stating taking to your Physician for this prescription and sometimes there is focus on medication rather than lifestyle education.

From a patients perspective I can understand the need to get something in return after an office visit. At times I see patients upset over not receiving antibiotics for cold/sinus symptoms. They may even interpret it as the Doctor "not wanting to" or "not caring."

The truth of the matter is that we believe in doing no harm and sometimes a prescription can do just that. However the few minutes you get with us is not enough time to build understanding and provide education on why prescribing that antibiotics can be against your best interest so our patients leave dissatisfied.

This lack of understanding can lead to a mistrust. So direct primary care gets rid of the copays, gets rid of the number of problems that can be addressed at a visit and gives you access to update us on how you're doing either through televisits or just swinging by the office. This also means that I work hard to help you gain access to primary care even if that means coming in on the weekends for some of those patients that just can't get off of work. We really can work together and have a healthy trusting partnership involved in taking care of both of us.

This is why I believe in the direct primary care model, its convenience for both patients and Physicians. In this aspect we can limit the amount of patients we see and take care of our little community. I hope you can join me and see the monthly fee as a way for us to bring better care and hopefully even change the direction that healthcare is headed towards.

I will be using this blog to periodically bring awareness to different topics that can keep us all safer and healthier.