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Acute Care Q&A

Acute Care services offered in Southlake, TX

No one is at their best when they’re feeling sick, and knowing where to turn can make the experience far easier to manage. At Crescent Direct Primary Care in Southlake, Texas, Elvira Jasarevic, DO, offers acute care services to help you begin a treatment path as quickly as possible. If you need to come in for a sick visit, call to see if a same-day visit is possible, and remember that online booking is an option for less urgent scheduling needs.

What is acute care?

Acute care is an area of medical practice focused on addressing illness and injury. Often called sick visits, these appointments are centered on diagnosing your symptoms and getting you on a path toward relief.


Sick visits are an outstanding resource for parents who are trying to soothe a sick or injured child. They ensure your child is seen by an outstanding family medicine physician in a timely manner. The peace of mind that acute care offers is invaluable to most parents. 


Adults also benefit from acute care services. Rather than waiting to see if your symptoms resolve themselves, a sick visit helps you get answers promptly. That can help you get back into the swing of your normal daily routines as swiftly as possible.

How do I know if I need acute care or urgent care?

There’s a lot of crossover between acute care and urgent care. In general, urgent care needs are often more serious than acute care, but less severe than issues requiring emergency room treatment.


In practice, because Crescent Direct Primary Care offers both acute care and urgent care services, there’s no need to worry about which option is the right fit for your needs. Simply call to explain your symptoms and concerns, and the administrative professionals who keep the office running smoothly will advise you on when to come in.


Cold and flu symptoms bring many people in for acute care services. This is especially true since the COVID-19 pandemic, as many of the symptoms of COVID are also common with influenza or the common cold.

How can I best prepare for my acute care appointment?

Taking some time to prepare for your visit can help you get the most out of your time at Crescent Direct Primary Care. Begin by compiling a list of all medications and supplements you’re taking. Be prepared to discuss any health issues you’re being treated for, as well as changes you’ve noticed since your last visit.


If you’re feeling especially bad or are anxious about your visit, it might be a good idea to bring someone with you during your visit. Having a second set of ears can help ensure you get all of the information you need. It’s also smart to have someone else drive you when you’re feeling ill or are worried.


If you have additional questions about acute care, or need to schedule a same-day visit, call Crescent Direct Primary Care. Online scheduling is also an option for less time-sensitive booking needs.